Join a Global Movement of Free Therapy: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Lives.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to seek growth and healing, regardless of financial circumstances. Join us in creating a world where self-help resources and professional guidance are accessible to all and presented in a way that people choose to engage with them such as on our other free sites and

About The Big Therapy Project

The Big Therapy Project is a revolutionary initiative with a simple but powerful objective: to make therapy and mental health resources available to everyone, everywhere. We strive to support professionals in their quest to provide free resources, fostering a global movement of accessible therapeutic aid whilst also showcasing their expertise and gaining them their ideal paid clients to work with. We envision a world where people have the tools and inspiration to help themselves and the ability to access professional help if they can afford it, and if it will benefit them further.

Our Work

At The Big Therapy Project, we work tirelessly to bring professionals together, curate high-quality free resources, and make them easily accessible for all. Our offerings include a wide range of materials that promote mental health, provoke thought, inspire personal development, and provide tools for self-help.

Our Affiliations

We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with various reputable organisations and we also run the Matlock Therapy Centre, Therapy Web Designs,, and These foundations allow us to create an even broader impact, providing resources that empower individuals to take charge of their mental health.

Discover the Power of Connection
Listen, Share, Learn, and Grow with Our Therapy Discussions on Clubhouse.

All Clubouse Episodes

  1. Should we create free therapy for all and how?
  2. Stories of challenge, change and things that inspire you.
  3. Is worry needed to create positive change?
  4. Celebrating change, progress and getting unstuck.
  5. Boosting bounce back ability 🙂 Can failure improve success?
  6. Avoiding or Seeking Epiphanies? (why change can be hard)
  7. Can We Rewire Our Reactions?
  8. Chatting for Change
  9. Is blame functional and do we use it well?
  10. Is clubhouse therapeutic and how?
  11. Why the Resistance to Positive Change?
  12. Reflecting On Reactivity. Taking Control Of Our Reactions.
  13. Things, thoughts and actions that positively boost your life
  14. Happiness 🙂 Solution focused vs problem focused living.
  15. Exploring Peace & Radicle Acceptance
  16. Creating Success. Solving the Problems Behind the Problems 🦋
  17. Improving how we talk to ourselves for happiness & success 🙂
  18. Breaking repeating patterns & falling in love with your soul
  19. Overcoming the blocks we don’t see.
  20. Success From Struggles (share your wins and understanding)
  21. Bricks, Balloons & Post It Notes. Changing how we react 🧱🎈🗒️
  22. Exploring The Pendulum of Positivity. Perfecting Your Swing
  23. Creating a Life You Don’t Need a Break From.
  24. Creating & rewriting stories for positive Change
  25. What’s going to help you today or next week?
  26. Understanding you, to be understood by others.
  27. How can you realise there is more love in your life?
  28. Little insights. How snow helps us stop & play.
  29. Shifting Mindsets – What are you changing and how?
  30. How can we recognise, appreciate and use our gifts? 🎁
  31. Turning off autopilot. How do we choose what we do?
  32. Half Arsing It
  33. Asking high quality questions for a better life.
  34. Your Vision vs Pressures and Expectations – Finding Balance
  35. Ai ‘vs Hi to Improve Our Lives?
  36. Making Changes

About The Big Therapy Project on Clubhouse

The Big Therapy Project – Clubhouse Series is an extension of our core mission, allowing us to reach and impact an even wider audience. By hosting meaningful discussions on a variety of mental health and self-improvement topics, we invite listeners to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. These sessions, which are readily available for replay, provide invaluable insights from professionals in the field and those on their self-help journeys.

Our Sessions

From tackling the challenges of anxiety and depression to discussing the finer points of mindfulness and resilience, our Clubhouse sessions offer a wealth of knowledge. We cover a broad spectrum of subjects, ensuring there’s something for everyone, regardless of where they are on their mental health journey. Each session is carefully crafted, with experts providing practical advice, thought-provoking insights, and sharing experiences that resonate.

How to Access

To join our Clubhouse community, simply download the Clubhouse app on your phone and search for ‘The Big Therapy Project’ or click here to join the house. Follow us to get notifications about upcoming discussions. To listen to previous sessions, select the ‘Replays’ tab, and choose the session that suits your interest or use the links on this page.

Get Involved

We’re always looking for fresh perspectives. If you’re a professional in the mental health field and would like to join us as a guest speaker or if you’d like to suggest a topic for future discussions, feel free to contact us. Your insights could be the catalyst for someone’s transformative journey.

Share the Knowledge

If you find our Clubhouse sessions valuable, we encourage you to share them with others. By spreading the word, you can help us in our mission to make therapy resources accessible to everyone, everywhere.

About Our Two Starter Projects

10 Things Daily

Through his work with people and websites, Clive recognised that engagement hinges  on how resources are presented. Drawing on this insight, he created 10 Things Daily, a captivating and thought-provoking portal that directs users to a wealth of resources available on Daily Change

Daily Change

Daily Change houses related articles, resources and course that go much deeper than 10 things Daily. The hope is to create a pathway of resources that help people to find the things that help them.

Clive’s Mission

Clive’s ongoing mission is to expand these resources and elevate the work of other professionals, especially those who are eager to contribute to this project. His ambition extends to sharing as much high-quality content as possible for free, with a belief that professionals will gain increased exposure to clients who can afford and desire their paid services.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Being part of The Big Therapy Project not only allows you to contribute to a significant cause but also provides an opportunity to amplify your professional reach. Here’s why getting involved matters:

  1. Make a Real Difference: Your expertise and resources can have a profound impact, helping individuals who might not otherwise have access to such support.

  2. Expand Your Reach: As your resources are shared, you gain exposure to a global audience, including potential clients who can afford and benefit from your paid services.

  3. Join a Supportive Network: Collaborate with other professionals in the mental health field, sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

  4. Enhance Your Reputation: Your active contribution to this cause showcases your dedication to accessible mental health support, bolstering your professional reputation.

  5. Continual Learning: In this diverse and inclusive environment, there’s always an opportunity for growth and learning, furthering your own professional and personal development.

Your participation in The Big Therapy Project can transform lives. Join us in making therapy resources accessible for all.